Tough Seal First AidWe all know how important it is to be prepared for ourselves and our families in the state of an emergency. We check our first aid kits routinely and we make sure its contents are up to date. Why should it be any different for our pets? Our Dogs and Cats are the ones constantly running around outside, protecting their territory, getting nics and cuts. The month of  April is Pet First Aid month and we feel it’s important to be prepared not only for ourselves but also for our furry friends.  Our dogs and cats are unpredictable and if they’re anything like my pets, they’re always getting into trouble.

If you are to include anything in your Pet’s First Aid kit, make it KeriCure’s Tough Seal Liquid Bandage for pets. Tough Seal  SEALS BLEEDING, SOOTHES THE SKIN and BLOCKS GERMS FROM CREATING AN INFECTION!

It’s great for Hot Spots, skin irritations, abrasions, cuts and scratches. Our specific formula for pets is sting free and hypoallergenic making it perfect for our animals because they won’t even know it’s on!  Tough Seal is soft enough for felines and tough enough for canines! Below is a list of items the American Veterinary Medical Associations believes you should include in your pets first aid kit.

American Vet Medical Association’s Check List 

1. Veterinarian Contact Information and Emergency Contact Information

2. Gauze, and Clean Towels or Clothe Strips

3. BandagesNot human bandage ex Band-Aids –>KeriCure’s Tough Seal for pets is specifically formulated for  your pets. Cats and Dogs.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide  

5. Milk of Magnesia

6.Digital Thermometer

7. Eye Dropper

8. Leash and Carrier


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Follow this link, for additional tips from AVMA on how to be ready for your pets!