KeriCure Inc. announces Patent Approval: Nanoparticles for Drug-Delivery

Today, with USPTO approval, this pioneering biotechnology company can now offer a novel drug-delivery platform to anyone looking for a long term drug delivery in an FDA cleared polymer-based nanoparticle system.

Tampa, Florida – KeriCure’s exclusively licensed patent from the University of South Florida for the company’s platform nanoparticle drug delivery technology was granted a Notice of Allowance from the USPTO on June 5, 2015. The patent encompasses a large breadth of bioactive agents that can be incorporated into KeriCure’s novel polymer-based nanoparticles for enhanced bioavailable, long term delivery in a non-degradable polymer vehicle that is currently FDA cleared for topical applications.

The company believes that the allowance of this patent will open new doors for partnerships with pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

“We see the value in working with established companies to provide a unique formulation for their bioactives, whether it be a novel anti-cancer drug, or a new psoriasis agent, giving them an edge in the market and better performance for their active ingredient,” says Dr. Kerriann Greenhalgh, Founder and CEO of KeriCure Inc.

With the ability to provide a complete wound care solution in the professional, consumer and animal health markets, the official allowance of this patent gives KeriCure the opening to engage and develop new products for other companies to enhance their drug-delivery methods.

“Our goal is to develop custom formulas for companies looking to maintain sustained activity of their active ingredient on biological and medical device surfaces including the skin, implants and dressings, as an example.”

KeriCure continues to formulate new versions of their flagship product, Natural Seal Liquid Bandage, focusing on both naturally occurring and pharmaceutical grade additives to enhance the inherent would healing properties of Natural Seal. R&D is currently underway for three new formulations to extend the current product offerings. Additional medical applications are also being investigated by the company, including a formulation that helps to soothe and protect outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis, often troubling skin conditions that plague 10-20% of the population.

“We have continued research and development while patiently awaiting the patent approval, and hope to release a brand new formula this year that will feature an antibacterial additive in the liquid bandage.”

Dr. Greenhalgh founded KeriCure after being personally affected by inadequate wound care available over the counter when her husband got a small cut on his hand that developed into a serious MRSA (resistant Staph) infection and required surgery to treat. After her husband almost lost the use of his entire hand from a simple cut, Dr. Greenhalgh became determined to bring effective wound care and protection against germs to people and their pets.

KeriCure’s product offering currently consists of KeriCure’s Natural Seal™ Liquid Bandage, Natural Seal™ On-the-Go Liquid Bandage, KeriCure Skin Protectant (for tattoo protection), Tough Seal™ Liquid Bandage for Companion Pet Use and Champion Seal™ Liquid Bandage for the equine/livestock market. KeriCure launched their professional line of liquid bandage products this year under the name Advanced Seal, and is currently in use by physicians in the Tampa Bay area in a variety of cosmetic, dermatological, burn and wound care, and post-surgical applications. KeriCure products can be found in over 2,000 retail locations throughout the US, including Publix, Meijer, Marsh, Price Chopper, Richard’s Foodporium, Earth Origins, and other natural grocery stores. KeriCure’s website allows you to enter your zip code at to find a local store carrying their products.


KeriCure is currently in a Series A fundraise, with investment opportunities still available. Contact them at for details.


About KeriCure

KeriCure is a woman owned and operated company founded in 2011 in Florida. KeriCure was formed to bring a novel polymer technology to market in the form of highly effective topical wound and skin care products. In 2013, KeriCure’s Skin Protectant and Natural Seal products hit the shelves in retail stores across US and Puerto Rico. In late 2014, with the company’s first FDA clearance, the product line was re-branded as Natural Seal Liquid Bandage by KeriCure and is offered a custom designed clip on On-the-Go version as well as a traditional spray bottle. Two animal liquid bandage products were added to the company’s product portfolio in 2014; KeriCure’s Tough Seal for use with dogs, cats, and other companion pets, and KeriCure’s Champion Seal for equine and livestock use. KeriCure launched their professional line of liquid bandage products in 2015 under the name Advanced Seal, and is currently in use by physicians in the Tampa Bay area in a variety of cosmetic, dermatological, burn and wound care, and post-surgical applications. For more information visit: