KeriCure Inc. was featured in the Florida Business Observer’s article “Planning For Patents”;

“Start Them Up
A significant impact of securing 80-plus patents two years in a row, which is what USF has done, is the ability to help formulate new businesses.

The school has been behind more than 30 startups the past five years. Here’s a glance at two of those companies:
• KeriCure: Founded in 2011, the Wesley Chapel-based firm produces a line of wound care products. The patented technology, discovered at USF, is a bacteria-resistant liquid bandage that can cover and treat wounds.

Kerriann Greenhalgh, who recently earned her Ph.D from USF, co-founded the firm with Edward Turos, a chemistry professor at the school. Greenhalgh hopes the product will receive final regulatory approval by next year, so the company can begin to market it over the counter and in the hospital industry. “I think we have really great technology,” Greenhalgh says. “I’m looking forward to getting the product in the right hands.”

Raising capital is the company’s biggest challenge, says Greenhalgh, more than even the technology. The firm recently raised $300,000, though it sought $500,000.”

Full article courtesy of Florida Business Observer