Tough Seal™ Liquid Bandage_MG_7970

Tough Seal™ Liquid Bandage helps speed the natural healing process after cuts, hot spots, bites, scrapes, burns, wounds, abrasion and lesions. Formulated and  for use on small and large pets, Tough Seal is a water-based spray on bandage that soothes skin irritations and forms a protective barrier against germs. Calms inflammation and irritations so that pets stop licking and picking at the site.

  • Milder formula for dogs, cats, and small animals
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating and hypoallergenic
  • Safe for pets of all sizes
  • Helps speed the natural healing process
  • Works great on hotspots and dermatitis!
  • Comes off naturally after wound heals
  • Safe if licked

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* Not approved for human use. **Product has not been tested on reptiles.


For use on:

  • Hot spots
  • Cuts
  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Rashes
  • Dermatitis
  • Flea and insect bites
  • Bites
  • Scrapes
  • Wounds
  • Lesions
  • Abrasions






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KeriCure’s Healing Moments

Good product to have on hand for pets.
I liked this more than my dog. Don’t know if it stung him or anything as he is sort of a sissy. But it seemed to work protecting the wound and keeping it clean.
Vicky S., Dog Owner
Tough Seal works great to seal and help sooth and heal! We used it on our dogs and cats and saw great results! They didn’t even know they had a bandage on! Great for hot spots and skin conditions! Our rottie has a skin condition that used to bother him, not only is it healed using tough seal, but all the fur has grown back and you cannot even tell he had a skin condition! Thank you KeriCure!
Lisa Ginger, Dedicated Pet Owner
Works great. My dog was licking his paw because it was irritated. I used tough seal for a few days and it healed the problem area.
Prem Thomas, Pleased Dog Owner
My dog had open wound due to surgery and her licking the wounds has extended her healing time. I used this product along with the e collar and it really has helped on the healing of her wound. Sometimes wrapping the wound would still keep it moist and I needed a bandage that would also keep it dry. This stuff is great. Thanks!
Ruth Andrews, Pleased Dog Owner
Our dog got a bad bite at the dog park, and although the vet put in some staples, they came out the next day. The vet’s next suggestion was a general anesthesia to put in stitches. We decided to continue with the prescribed antibiotic but try this product instead of bringing the dog in for stitches, hoping the wound would eventually heal on its own–and it has.

It’s not a very heavy seal, and our dog was perfectly happy to try to lick it off when she worked her way out of the donut that was supposed to keep her from touching the wound. But we started using this approximately once a day, followed by a good spray of bitter apple, and that, plus the donut, were enough to keep her away long enough for the wound to heal.

Ann Fisher, Dog Lover
I purchased this for my German Shepard who sometimes drags her feet due to hip dyspepsia. I had tried other ointments but she would just lick them off. This has been the best yet for her. Great seal and heals quickly.
D.S, Dog Lover
I purchased this for my German Shepard who sometimes drags her feet due to hip dyspepsia. I had tried other ointments but she would just lick them off. This has been the best yet for her. Great seal and heals quickly.
D.S, Dog Lover
I purchased this Tough Seal Liquid Bandage along with EquiSilver Wound Spray for my cat who has licked her belly raw and sometimes bleeding for a couple years. I tried everything with no success…until now! I needed something to protect her skin while it healed. These 2 products have worked after just a few days of using these sprays. Thank you!
M. Hall, Committed Cat Owner
Thank you and its working good. I have tried everything, even a $75.00 non-chewable wrap. Lucy (my rottie) chewed up the wrap the first night. Bandages are a joke to her. The liquid bandage seems to stop the itching and she leaves the area alone.
Darlene M. Lowell, Relieved Dog Owner
SEEMS TO BE WORKING!! Our 7 year old female doberman recently started a very bad habit of licking. She licked until her front leg was raw. We tried everything from our Vet to local pet stores. We are now on our 2nd bottle, getting ready to order bottle #3!
We use the liquid bandage when we are giving her a break from the comfy collar. When applied, I think it stings, for she pulls her leg quickly away, but once on, she will leave her leg alone for a while and just look at it. We use the ALL FOUR PAWS COMFY CONE PET COLLAR (also on Amazon) when we’re away and not watching her every second. SO…the combination of both seems to be working and healing the area. We are hoping, once the leg is completely healed, she will stop this horrible habit!!! Oh, and BTW, I asked my Vet if he had a liquid bandage available, and he said he never heard of one.
yackjack, Dedicated Dog Owner
So far, so good! We have a Shiba Inu that has quite frankly lost his mind and is intent on chewing his hind end off, despite multiple vet visits and medications. So far this has been working and we have great hope that this will be the ONE.
Ruth Molenaar, Dog Owner










  1. Shake well before use
  2. Clean and disinfect area
  3. Firmly push sprayer to apply the white liquid
  4. Allow 1-2 minutes for a clear, thin film to set
  5. Dab around area to remove excess liquid – No need for additional bandage
  6. Apply no more than 3x a day for 10 days
  7. For best results, apply immediately after injury and reapply once daily or as needed until fully healed
  8. To unclog spray nozzle, simply peel film from surface

TIP: For best results, run sprayer under water after each use to prevent clogging. Shake well before using for even mist application.