KeriCure’s HydroShieldTM Technology was developed by PhD scientists in the chemistry department of the University of South Florida (USF) in 2003. Their efforts have led to this unique polymer-based technology that has been designed specifically for topical applications to intact and injured skin. KeriCure maintains multiple pending patents that support this technology as a medical device. They are actively seeking partners interested in licensing tailor made formulas based on this technology for areas including medical device coatings, drug delivery, sealant around temporary and permanent semi-implanted devices (catheters, stents, screws, etc.), and others.


KeriCure HydroShield Benefits

The HydroShield Technology affords KeriCure products that are over 80% pure water; much improved over the alcohol, acetone, and petroleum ingredients of its competitors. The KeriCure products are formulated with only two ingredients: purified water and a proprietary polyacrylate polymer. This technology provides the KeriCure products with the ability to be chemical and preservative free; these products do not support bacterial or fungal growth and remain “germ free” through multiple applications.

The proprietary polyacrylate polymer is unique to KeriCure products. Optimized specifically for topical application, the polymer was designed to mimic the structure of the all-important protein elastin, which is responsible for the elastic nature of skin and gives skin its ability to bounce back after stretching. The HydroShield polymer exhibits the same mechanical properties as elastin. When applied, the product forms a highly elastic film that can stretch, bend, and be pulled without losing its ability to block germs and provide complete coverage. This ability is only available in the HydroShield Technology, and while many other films are flexible, only KeriCure
products are elastic.


Superior Drug Delivery

The KeriCure technology takes a never before seen approach to drug delivery, by forming a bond between the drug or active ingredient desired and the polyacrylate polymer. Highly safe and effective, the HydroShield Technology utilizes a water-based system to deliver water-insoluble and water soluble drugs  in a unique nanoparticle vehicle, ultimately providing enhanced bioavailability, delivery, and superior controlled release upon application. The polyacrylate polymer is a completely inert, nondegradable polymer, optimal for coatings, permanent implants, and topical application.

Our studies have shown that this ground breaking technology allows antibiotics, such as penicillin, to regain activity against resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Through the binding of the active ingredient to the nanoparticle, the drug is able to circumvent resistance measures of the target, in this case MRSA, allowing the nanoparticle to act as a Trojan Horse for the drug. Once actively transported into the cell, the drug or active is released through enzymatic activity and capable of its normal function.

KeriCure is interested in partnering with companies who have theoretical or established drugs
and additives with solubility issues. Our focus is to provide a novel delivery system to our
customers that will afford their product enhanced topical presence and effectiveness through
longevity on the skin and superior drug release. Please contact us at
if you are interested in partnering or looking for a new and innovative delivery system
to add to your repertoire.


Partnership Opportunities

Our long-term objective in growing the KeriCure brand to the point of national recognition as the leaders in the liquid bandage market is licensing our proprietary product line to a larger, multi-faceted operation. In doing so, we’ll make available the resources for our products’ scalability on an international level. We recognize the limitations to high-volume distribution on an international scale and as such, welcome the opportunity for providing global accessibility to our product through a licensing strategy