Our Story

kericureinternsKeriCureTM represents excellence in biotechnology research and development. KeriCure is a woman-owned company founded in 2011 in the state of Florida based on the technology invented by Founder Dr. Kerriann Greenhalgh.

KeriCure was formed to bring a novel polymer technology to market in the form of highly effective topical wound care products. Dr. Greenhalgh has driven this mission since the onset of KeriCure. Motivated to provide effective topical protection against infections, Dr. Greenhalgh was personally affected by inadequate wound care available to consumers when her husband had a minor cut that was infected with MRSA and required surgery to clear the infection. Since then, it has been her goal to provide effective wound and skin care to people and their pets.

Our strong relationship with the University of South Florida provides KeriCure with an exceptional opportunity to develop and mature as we continue on our steady growth course in the biotechnology space. Thanks to strategic grants to USF, and matching grants from the Florida High Tech Corridor, KeriCure has been able to support the advancement of biotech and industry knowledge for many undergraduate students at the university. KeriCure continues to empower students with knowledge and skills needed to be effective in the biotechnology industry, as well as offer opportunities to promote KeriCure in their community.