KeriCure: A better way to heal.

Let’s face it, cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns are just a part of life. And until now, treating whatever life threw your way meant using a stuffy, suffocating adhesive bandage or applying a painful and fumy liquid bandage.

The scientists at KeriCureTM knew there had to be a better way. That’s why they developed a range of safe, sting-free and breathable wound care products ideal for use in the home, on-the-go and in hospital and veterinary settings. KeriCure products were developed using a proprietary HydroShieldTM Technology, licensed from the University of South Florida that provides a unique solution for common problems facing today’s wound care market.

A Woundcare Solution for All

KeriCure Skin Protectant dries quickly to provide a no-sting, protective shield that is flexible and water proof while allowing your skin to breathe. It is formulated with HydroShieldTM Technology to withstand vigorous activities including bathing and swimming, yet is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Learn More!
KeriCure provides the first natural choice in wound care! Natural Seal dries quickly to provide a natural, preservative free no-sting protective coating that mimics the properties of your own skin for a natural feel while providing exceptional protection against infection. Learn more! 
KeriCure offers two unique formulas specifically for our physician partners. Designed for the healthcare setting to  provide a breathable polymer film to prevent infection, diminish pain by providing a non-irritating coverage for nerve endings, and promote wound healing. Kericure Advanced dries within minutes to form a completely transparent film that helps in monitoring the wound healing process and reduce scar formation. Contact us directly at for more information on these products. Learn More! 
KeriCure provides a comprehensive line of  products  for the animal wound care market. KeriCure Tough Seal is formulated to provide rapid protection for companion pets. KeriCure Champion Seal has unique attributes and delivery methods for the Equine market. KeriCure Vet Seal is specifically formulated for use in veterinary and surgical settings.   Learn More! 

KeriCure Healing Moments

I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I give myself a shot once or more a day. Sometimes the shot will bleed or the insulin with blood will drop out. Most of my shirts have a stain that is hard if not impossible to get out. I now use this product when I take my daily insulin shot and I have never had it bleed on a garment since.
Jeff Kirkland, Diabetic
After I had stitches above my eye from a football incident, KeriCure Advanced liquid bandage helped to keep the cut clean and protected without me having to wear a bandage on my face. It was very convenient and also effective.
Akash Belesare, College student
I am a Chef and my husband is a General Contractor. Both of our professions leave us with constant nicks and cuts to our fingers and knuckles. KeriCure has been an amazing product for us. Our recovery time is phenomenal and the ugly signs of scaring are diminished! Thank you KeriCure!
Kristen Heath, Wife, mom and professional chef
I bought this for my husband who works in all kinds of weather. At this time of year, he gets terribly dry skin, resulting in cracks around his nails and cuticles. He used Lubriderm throughout the day and night, but it just isn’t enough. This product helped to seal moisture in and heal the cracks. Great stuff!
This product is wonderful.  I love the spray application, it goes on clear without a sticky or oily feel and DOES NOT sting or burn.  I’ve used KeriCure on cuts, scrapes and burns and it effectively protects the wounds and shortens the healing time.  I’ve also used the product on a scar from a minor surgery, KeriCure lightened the scar and lessened the irritation caused by the scar tissue.
KeriCure is a must have for every first aid kit.
Mike Wojtaszek, Active adult
This product is great for those of us who have dry cracked hands or have minor cuts and scrapes.  The product is clear after applying and keeps the area clean and dry…no need for a bandage.  Best of all it’s not sticky or smelly like some of the other products on the market.  I would recommend this above other products that I have tried.
Andy W, Active adult
KeriCure has improved my life by allowing me to keep up with my hobbies of intramural softball and basketball even after a kitchen incident left a large cut on my finger. KeriCure sped up my recovery and allowed me to play as usual. The best part was that there was no scar when it healed in 3-4 days!
Rachel Stein, College student
The product was amazing! My Daughter had an infected cut on her finger that just wasn’t healing with the bandaid we used. I decided to spray on some KeriCure, and within days her finger was well on its way to healing.  
Nina Molina, Thankful Mom
My son plays a lot of sports so cuts and bruises are an every day occurrence for us. It’s nice to know we can apply KeriCure quickly and painlessly and then let him get on with what he does best.
David Williams, Relieved Dad
As a Cross-Fit competitor, I am constantly in the gym injuring and then re-injuring my hands. I keep a bottle of KeriCure in my gym bag and use it just about every day. This stuff really works !
Jimmy St. Louis , Professional Athlete
After a turkey carving incident, one application of KeriCure stopped the bleeding and sealed the wound without the stinging that other liquid bandages cause. Great Product!
Ryan Cormier, Father of newborn
My grandmother was scratched and cut fairly deeply while staying at our house. We applied KeriCure to the wound and in less than a minute, the cut was sealed neatly, and healed quickly.
Bradford Montane, Med student
My foot was burned in a 375 degree Fahrenheit grease spill in my restaurant. I used KeriCure to treat the burn after going to a walk in clinic. It worked far beyond my expectation. Cleared up the injury in a week even though I was on my feet working every day. Best burn treatment I’ve ever used!
Sean Cavanaugh, Father, Small business owner, Chef
KeriCure fixed my knee, Thanks KeriCure, you’re the best!
Julie Vuu , Active Adult

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